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True cat and kitten stories about Painter the Cat!


Painter001.jpg (65312 bytes)

Painter sports his "wings!"!

Shakin' all over:  Painter slept on the foot of our bed every night.  He would make a little nest next to my feet and settle in for the evening.  On April 29, 2003 Painter suddenly stirred and nipped my wife on the foot.  She jumped up with a start, and put him out of the room for "misbehaving." She looked at the clock and noticed it was just before 5 A.M.  When we woke up later and turned on the morning news, everyone was talking about an earthquake of magnitude 4.9 that had rocked Georgia, you guessed it, just before 5 A.M.

What You Say:  Painter learned to say several words 'in English."  We called his dry food cereal, which he could say quite distinctly.  He also said "water," "raisin," "woe," "ham," and "grass."  He also enjoyed singing.  His favorite song was "Mr. Tambourine Man."  Perhaps he thought that Bob Dylan was caterwauling!  He liked to go down into the basement and sing.  I think he enjoyed hearing his voice reverberate in the large empty expanse of the basement.

Stand by Me: When we rescued Painter, the foster parent told us that he had been mauled by a Doberman.  He was such a sick and frightened  little kitty, that we would have to pet him and reassure him while he ate.  He appreciated the comforting so much, that for the remainder of the eight plus years that he lived, he would go to his bowl, and call until someone would pet him while he ate!  Oddly enough, when we went on trips, the food would miraculously disappear.  I believe that he thought that WE  were the ones who wanted to participate in the petting ritual! Oh, thank goodness he didn't need reassurance in the litter box!

Leaving on a Jet Plane:  Speaking of trips, Painter hated it when he was left alone for a few days.  He would start to sulk as soon a s he saw a suitcase.  He assumed that the only way to keep us from going was to get into the suitcase and defend it.  We learned to leave the suitcases out of sight for as long as possible to minimize the scowls and snarls of an apprehensive cat!  Also, when we returned home we could hear him screaming for us as soon as we approached the door.  He also tried to give the impression that he sat and waited by the door for the duration of the trip, yet somehow all of his "sleepy places" would have been used and his food would have been mysteriously eaten.

The Grass is Always Greener: Painter used to have a friend, a tabby we nicknamed "Primer" who was an outside stray who roamed the neighborhood.  Painter stayed inside, but he would call his friend through the window, and Primer would come by and visit.  We had a glass storm door, and they would lay down "together," one on either side of the door with their noses practically touching.  Sometimes, you had to look twice to convince yourself that it wasn't a mirror!

Snakes Alive: One day I had some pipe insulators that I carried into the house.  The are long and flexible tubes that slide over refrigeration lines to keep them from sweating.  I said "Look Painter, a snake!" and he jumped straight up about 4 feet into the air. (A natural move for cats, as a snake cannot strike upwards.)  However, my wife pointed out that he jumped on the word snake, as I had not put the insulators into sight yet.  A Rare cat, indeed.

Run for your Life: Painter loved to race up the stairs.  I would start up the stairs, and offer the challenge "I'm going to beat you!" He was so fast, that he would "spot" me about six stairs so he would get to the top landing just in front of me.  Last December, I ruptured my Achilles Tendon and had to hobble up the steps on crutches.  Painter immediately compensated my letting me get to the next to last step before bounding upstairs to beat me just in time!

 Angels we Have Heard on High:  Painter loved Christmas.  He knew that when the tree went up a very special time was just around the corner.  He loved to hide behind the tree, run out and bat an ornament, then duck back under the safety of the tree branches. 

PainterwithAngel01.JPG (66112 bytes)

Painter with his Kitty Angel 

Also, he knew that at some point there would be packages opened and plenty of paper to wallow around in, and lots of sacks to explore.  Also each year he would receive a special gift.  One of his favorites was a little kitty angel stuffed with catnip.  

Don't Pass me by:  One of Painter's Favorite games was "Soccer Goalie."  He had a sponge soccer ball that we would would bounce as high as we could in a vain attempt to "score a goal."  Painter could leap as high as seven feet to deflect the ball back to us.  He would never let the ball pass by him.

I Fall to Pieces: Or, the cat who discovered gravity. At a very young age, Painter "discovered" that he could gently ease an item off of a table or  and watch it fall to the ground. Items such as remote controls, cell phones and books were all fair game.  He never tired of his little game, using the least amount of pressure possible until the object would slowly ease over the edge and plummet to the floor.  He would watch it all the way down. We were both annoyed and amused, but we learned not to place important items in the drop zone. 

Unfortunately, in August of 2003 we suddenly lost our beloved friend to an unknown illness.  We are shocked and devastated.  He was such a big part of our lives. This website is both a tribute to Painter, and a place where people can discuss important issues about pet health, and the quality of veterinarian care.  

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