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In mountain dialect, a panther is a "Painter."! Set a spell and enjoy the cute kitten photos, cat photos and stories of Painter the Cat!
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Painters nicknames are painty, cougar, boopster, sweety petey, big boy, and chunk

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In March of 1995 my wife arrived home from work with a very special surprise.  She had been inquiring at the local shelters about a kitty that needed to be rescued, and a few days later a call came about a little boy that really needed a home.  This little ball of fur had become separated from his mother, and had a nasty run-in with a Doberman that left him weak and frightened.  He was absolutely adorable, with huge ears and a little whimper of a cry.  He just wanted to be held, protected and loved.

We fell in love right away with this most unusually marked black tabby.  I thought he looked looked a little panther.  As a photographer, I have taken thousands of photos of the Southern Appalachians, and in doing so, have studied the culture and vernacular of the mountain people.  The mountaineers call the panther a "painter" in dialect.  I suggested the name to my wife, and so "Painter" it was!  Little did we know at that time how much the name would suit him.

Cute kitten pictures of Painter the Cat

Kitten Pictures

We also knew that he was smart right away.  He was too tiny and weak to get into his litter box, so he would let us know with a distinctive warning when he needed to be gently placed in the sand.  Also, he was too frightened to eat alone.  We would have to pet and stroke him while he ate to reassure him that all was well.  We continued the practice of petting him for the next eight and a half years.  It was a wonderful tradition that created a strong and unique bond between pet and caretaker!

And what a "Painter" he was.  Extremely strong, incredibly fast, and able to make amazing leaps into the air.  It took two of us to hold him down to administer medicine or flea treatments.  He had a mind of his own, and considered himself the alpha animal of our little pack!

In addition to cat and kitten pictures, in the pages of this site, you will find lots of stories about Painter, and come to learn just how special he was.  You will also find resources for helping your pet remain happy and healthy.  You may also submit your site for inclusion on the links page. 

Unfortunately, in August of 2003 we suddenly lost our beloved friend to an unknown illness.  We are shocked and devastated.  He was such a big part of our lives. This website is both a tribute to Painter, and a place where people can discuss important issues about pet health, and the quality of veterinarian care.  

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